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The newest standard for rechargeable batteries is Lithium Ion (Liion) batteries. This is the type of rechargeable battery that you probably have in your smartphone. It's also used in new smartwatches and GPS trackers, as well as other devices. All rechargeable batteries can lose their capacity over time. However, lithium-ion batteries have been shown to reduce this effect. There are some basic steps you can take to extend the life of your lithium-ion battery. These practices will extend the life of your lithium-ion battery and will ensure that it charges at maximum speed. Avoid rapid chargers and wall chargers that are markedly discounted. Avoid cheap wall chargers and rapid chargers. They may not be able to provide the constant 5.0 volt output that is required to charge your device efficiently and without creating battery strain. You should not charge your device while it's powered on. Instead, disconnect the charger from the device as soon as it has finished charging. Your battery will be stressed if it is left on while the battery is charging. Keep your device charged at a comfortable temperature. Below freezing temperatures should not be charged. You should not use your device if the remaining charge is below 2.5%. This will cause your battery to be more stressed. It is a good idea to charge your battery every day until it reaches 5%. Your device was intended to be powered off during bootup. Your device will shut down if there is no battery left. If your device shuts down due to low battery charge, you should power it back on and then reboot it. Additional Li-ion Battery Tips Your battery should be at least 50% when you are not using it for extended periods. It should not be left in a vehicle. It is normal for the battery to heat up during charging.
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