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Basics: How do I choose a battery? With so many actuators and electronic components in a robot, it can be difficult to find the right one. This article will help you understand the different voltages that each component of your robot requires. You might be asking yourself, "How does everything work with just one battery?". There are two ways to approach this problem, and we can help you choose the best one. The ranges shown above make it easy to see that each type of component's voltage range can differ. Most microcontrollers have a built in voltage regulator that provides 5V to I/O pins. This means you don't need an additional 5V battery. A normal microcontroller will have a voltage range of 9V to 12V. A hobby servo motor, rated at 4.8V-6V, would burn a 9V-12V battery. What should you do? It is possible to use a smaller 12V lithium battery for the microcontroller and a larger 6V for the servos. We chose a 12V microcontroller with 4.8V to 6-V hobby servos. However, there is the option of using a larger 6V battery pack or a step-up regulator. The voltage regulator regulates voltage. It does exactly what its name suggests. We would need one that can take 6V input and step it up into 12V. A lower motor voltage doesn't necessarily mean that there are fewer motors you can choose from. A high voltage motor (36V 48V, 60V, or 60V) is usually reserved for large DC motors. You can also choose the best motor, and then design your robot's electronics around that nominal voltage. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. You can choose which one you prefer. You can power different voltages with voltage dividers. Voltage dividers can be used as purely electrical devices without any programming. Voltage dividers are not necessary for most electronic devices. Most electronics operate at 6 to 9V. Therefore, choosing either 6V or 9V to power your robot is the best option. You can also use two power supplies, one for the motors, and one for electronics. You can still use a 9V motor to drive your robot, but the motor efficiency and rpm will be lower than the listed.
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