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Why is my Router's Battery draining so fast? Here are some reasons why your router battery might not last for long. 1. Slow connection speeds. This is not only a problem for smartphones but also routers. Your router will try to find the strongest signal to satisfy your needs if there is a drop in bandwidth or data transfer. Your battery could be damaged during this process. You should be aware of when your router is not responding. Your router might appear to be working, but the internal connections can be very poor. This could lead to low battery levels and overheating. A damaged router battery. This is the main problem with lithium-ion cells. The main problem with lithium-ion batteries is their slow aging. Excessive heat. Electronics are susceptible to getting hot. The same holds true for routers. If your battery is overheated from overuse, overcharging or exposure to high temperatures, it may shut down unexpectedly. The effects of a recent power surge. Power surges can cause damage to your router's battery. It can cause damage to your router's battery and make it less responsive when you turn it on.
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